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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

WE'RE MOVING! Or rather, we moved...

It was a few years ago when I started this journey of blogging about what was going on at Walterdale Theatre Associates. Over the years, there have been many visitors to this blog - finding out about auditions and members and special events and shows.  We grew to over 2000 visitors a month (many repeat visitors, I'm sure) from nearby and far away.

So, it is with pleasure for me to let you know that although this address will not be the active posting site for the Walterdale Blog, it will be continuing on the main Walterdale Webpage. Yes, that's right!  I have been invited to continue writing about the theatre's activities and members, but now as an official part of the Walterdale Webpage. 

I'll be leaving this site up so that people who want to re-visit material from the past can do so - and I might use this from time to time, for example during the run up to Fringe - but from now on you can read the blog posts online Walterdale's Official Webpage. 

Thanks for reading over the years, and I hope you continue to do so in our new location!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Next Auditions - Blithe Spirit!

Audition Notice

Walterdale Theatre Associates

Blithe Spirit

by Noel Coward

Performance Dates: February 5-15, 2014
Audition Dates: October 20,  2013:  7-10pm
October 21, 2013:  7-10pm

Walterdale Playhouse (10322 83 Avenue) 

Director: Curtis Knecht;
Assistant Director: Athena Gordon; Stage Manager: Kathryn Evans 

Blithe Spirit is Noël Coward’s escapist comedy about a novelist who invites a medium to his house hoping for inspiration for his next book. Supernatural comedy ensues when the dead ex-wife’s spirit is summoned and seems eager to reclaim her former husband…in this world or the next.


*** Please note, character ages will be determined based on auditioners.   Expect that the Bradman's will be older than the Condomines, The Wive's will be “roughly” the  same age as each other in relation to charles.  Edith can be played at almost any age, excluding elderly.  Madame Arcati will be determined more by character, than age.

Charles Condomine
Ruth Condomine, his second wife
Elvira Condomine, his first wife and ghostly presence
Madame Arcati, a medium
Doctor George Bradman, a friend
Mrs. Bradman, his wife
Edith, a maid

The auditions will comprise of the following:
o    SCRIPT READINGS: in groups up to 7.  Audition slots will be 15min.
o    CALL-BACKS:  Wednesday, October 23, 2013 between 7:00 – 10:00 p.m. Not all auditionees will be called back, only those we need to see.

 ·      Rehearsals will begin the last week of October, 2013. Rehearsals will increase closer to performance.  Please bring any conflict dates you have to the audition.

·      Walterdale is a volunteer/member organization. We cannot engage Equity performers.

 To book an audition, please contact Curtis Knecht by e-mail at

(Drop-ins will be accommodated as time allows)

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Meet Darrell Portz, Director of Dracula!

What is your role on the production? Director. This is my directorial debut.
Why did you want to direct this show at Walterdale?  I was cast in the role of Dracula in 2005 when this show was performed in Yellowknife, NT by Lunch Pail Theatre.  I feel in love with the script and I have always wanted to do it again.  I first decided to try and get it into a Walterdale season about 2 years ago, and I was pleased Walterdale selected it to lead off this new season.
What is your background in theatre? When I moved to Edmonton in the summer of 2008 I wanted to stay involved in theatre and so I auditioned for the Melodrama, Blackhearts in the Green Room, and was cast as the villain, Barnaby Badlington.  Since then I performed in The Mail Order Bride and Wyrd Sisters.  In addition, I have done sound design for numerous other productions.
Favorite Vampire movie?  My favourite vampire move is Roman Polanski's The Fearless Vampire Killers.  I loved the comedic approach to the characters.
Favorite Halloween costume?  I don't normally dress up for Halloween.  Maybe because my birthday is October 31 and I am goulash enough.  One of my favourite costumes, when I was a kid, was when I dressed up as Frankenstein.  Complete with square shaped head, which I fashioned out of a cut down shoe box, that I painted green.
What are you most looking forward to about Dracula?  Seeing my vision of the play come to life. I have been so lucky to have such a talented cast and production crew.  The dedication each of them have brought to the process so far, is more than I could have ever hoped for.  Even though I intimately know the script, I expect to be drawn into the story and held captive.
Photo Credits:
Upper - Provided
Lower - Darrell in Wyrd Sisters, photo by Douglas Stewart

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Introducing the cast of Proof - Up on our stage in December 2013

Proof by David Auburn

We had a very busy 3 nights of auditions and call-backs, bringing back 14 people from an initial group of approximately 50 people, to read for the 4 roles in this stunning play.  We are pleased to announce the following cast which contains actors both new and familiar to Walterdale audiences.

Catherine - Gabby Bernard
Robert - Dale Wilson
Hal - Jordan Ward
Claire - Joyce LaBriola

These four actors join an experienced production team to collaborate on bringing to life this story of love, mathematics, sanity and relationships.

Production Team:
Director: Kristen M. Finlay
Assistant Director: Katelyn Arthurs
Stage Manager: Bethany Hughes
Set Designer: Joan Heys Hawkins
Costume Designer: Elaina Bolton
Lighting Designer: Richard Hatfield
Sound Designer: Erin Foster-O’Riordan
Master Builder: Pierre Valois
Properties: Eric Matheson-Jones
Production Manager: Catherine Wenschlag

We are still looking for an ASM and Operators, and likely some other positions.  Drop by the Open House on September 28th and talk to Catherine about joining our team.

Meet Athena Gordon, The Maid in Dracula!

What is your role in DraculaI have the pleasure of playing The Maid for Lucy.

What brought you out for Dracula? 
I thought it would be fun to audition. I did a number of shows (on and off stage) for the Walterdale between 1999 and 2001, but nothing since, and figured it might be nice to return to my roots.

What is your background in theatre? At Walterdale? I have a BA in Drama, 2 years of which I did in the Stage Management program at the U of A. I started as an actor in High School, and when I didn't get in to acting school, I moved backstage. Most recently I was Queen Anne in Horizon Player's The Three Musketeers, and before that was Stage Manager and Assistant Director for A Midsummer Night's Dream (also with Horizon Players). My Walterdale credits include: The Vampyre (ASM), Dr. Faustus (ASM), Good night Desdemona, Good morning Juliet (Sound Operator), Infidelity (One Act - Stage Manager), The Birthday Party (ASM), The Country Wife (Sound Operator & Stage Hand) and St. Frances of Hollywood (Nurse). I will also be the Assistant Director for Blythe Spirit here at Walterdale later this season.

Favorite Vampire movie/play other than this one, and why? You know, it's funny - this is the 2nd Vampire play I have worked on, but I don't usually watch Vampire movies or plays. I do, however, love my guilty pleasure Vampire TV shows: True Blood and The Vampire Diaries. I mostly enjoy the cheesiness of them, without the overwhelming Twilight-esque melodrama and sparkly undead. 

Favorite Halloween Story? 
When I was growing up, we lived in a townhouse complex, and one year when it was ridiculously cold, my brother and I had to go Trick-or-treating all bundled up. My brother was dressed up as a Ninja Turtle, and his mask blocked his view. So much so, that he ran right in to a tree! We all laughed, because he jumped right up and rant to the next door - completely unfazed! We still have good laughs over it! 

What are you most looking forward to about this production? This is a really great cast and crew, and everyone seems to get along really well. It will be nice to make a return to the stage beside such a great group of people. 

Monday, September 16, 2013

Meet Dracula - Steve Dhillon

What is your role in Dracula? Dracula
What brought you out for Dracula? I have been looking for a segue into theatre after having worked in film/TV since 2006.  I jumped at the opportunity after seeing that this production was based on the Original Bram Stoker Dracula.
What is your background in theatre? At Walterdale? This is my first Theatre role and also my first (hopefully of many!) at Walterdale.
Favorite Vampire movie/play other than this one, and why? I loved the Coppola film but Salem's Lot is the one that kept me sleepless for weeks after watching it when I was 7
Favorite Halloween Costume and why? Believe it or not, Every year up until grade six I dressed up as a Vampire!  It was meant to be!
What are you most looking forward to about this production? With such a talented cast and production team, I can't wait to see and be a part of the final product!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Meet the Cast of Dracula - Justin Deveau as Jonathan Harker

What is your role on Dracula? I play Jonathan Harker.

What brought you out for Dracula? I am probably the tenth person to give this answer but I have been a fan of the novel since my school days and have read it several times. As a child I would stay up late to watch the old Universal horror pictures when they played them on TV. Also I have worked with Darrell a few times before and he was so excited about doing this show so I got excited about the some sort of contagious excitement disease...of fun...
What is your background in theatre? At Walterdale? This is my seventh Walterdale show*. I have also done a bunch of shows at other places and Fringe shows and improv and sketch comedy and I also host burlesque shows with Capital City Burlesque but other than that I have no theatre background at all. 
*(Justin was in last season's Summer & Smoke and The Weir and in the previous season's Love of the Nightingale, Wyrd Sisters, and reasons to be pretty).

Favorite Vampire movie/play other than this one, and why? I liked The Lost Boys when I was a kid. I like Shadow of a Vampire a lot.

Favorite Halloween Costume and why? When I was little my mom made me a shark costume. She even took a yard stick and stuffed a sock and shoe so that I would have a person leg sticking out of my shark mouth. I won a twix bar for that outfit!

What are you most looking forward to about this production? The effects are going to be really cool. I am looking forward to seeing how they all come together. 
Photo Credits:
Upper - provided
Lower - Justin in reasons to be pretty; photo by Douglas Dollars Stewart